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Live by HEART

 Thank you for signing up for Live by HEART! 

In preparation for this 6 Week Live by HEART series,  take a moment right now and write down what your life is like.  Make a note of how you feel, what you think about, the state of your family life, friendships, your work, and finances.  We’re going to compare that list with a list you create at the end of the six weeks so make sure you record this snapshot of your current life – you’ll want to refer back to it!

The recordings that you will listen to will have simple exercises to practice.  Be sure to integrate them into a regular routine that you do everyday so it becomes habitual.  For example, you may attach the daily practice to the time it takes you to put on your shoes before leaving home and then again when you take them off when you return.

That’s the best way to keep up with the method and it will become it’s own habit over time.