Ramona_BiancoI just wanted to let you know how my body feels since you gave me direction on how to stand properly (which still feels weird to me but I know is working). My hips feel much stronger and more flexible, the outside of my legs are really getting a workout because the muscles have to work, my knees feel awesome. My feet are tired at the end of the day but they are adjusting to a new stance. When you originally put me in the right place – my spine immediately aligned properly and I could feel the outside muscles of my legs working like they haven’t in a long time. Your 5 minute adjustment has been a lifesaver. I’ve been to many types of practitioners (podiatrists, physiotherapists, chiropractors) but none have given me the proper tools for my body to work properly like you did. Thank you VERY much!”  – Ramona Bianco, Pilates Instructor

“Thank you for eliminating my back pain!

Three weeks ago, I was in excruciating pain from 2 bulging/herniated discs. My lower back ached with sciatic pain shooting down both legs. I was unable to ride.  Sitting, standing, lying down, everything was painfulDSC_0580.  I had made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to have my back injected with cortisone. I believed it was necessary to alleviate the pain so I could ride again. Many of my friends who ride have disc problems and have found it necessary to have their backs injected to reduce inflammation and pain.

Fortunately, I had an appointment with you before seeing the orthopedic surgeon. Two weeks ago, immediately after my appointment with you, I felt significantly better. Within 3 days,  I no longer felt pain and was able to ride again, comfortably.  During my appointment with you, in addition to bodywork, you showed me key exercises and stretches to help my back. You also showed me the correct posture I should maintain and movements I should avoid to minimize the chance of recurring injury.

I honestly can’t believe how great my back feels. The results are incentive to continue with the exercises and stretches. I have cancelled my appointment to have my back injected.

I am very grateful to you for your help!”  – Pamela Jones, Equestrian

“I can walk better and not rely on having
canes with me all the time.”  – Fred Chenard, Retired Cook

“TMSimsoday was legs and I had the BEST form and lifts I have ever had thanks to the work I had done earlier this week by BODYWISE Bodywork in Bothell. I’m still so amazed at what legit bodywork by someone knowledgable can do!”  – Melissa Sims, Marketing & Communications Manager

“After my sessions, I feel two inches taller and more energized – I’m always surprised by how much better I feel leaving than coming in, normally, in some way I hadn’t realized was a problem…”  – Ann Williams, Software Engineer

“After my exercises, I love the feel of walking!”  – Lauren Bullock, Eye of the Needle Winery

“Things are going really well! I practiced all day yesterday being mindful about how I am standing/walking and it really helps to alleviate my hip issues and my foot hasn’t hurt at all this morning so far! Thank you!!!”  – Danielle Maiden, Human Services SpeciDMaidenalist