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Resolution Progress

What is the Status of Your New Year’s Goals?


Focusing on our New Year’s Goals acronym W.H.A.T.S., let’s talk about the letter A….action! This is what separates successful and unsuccessful goal setting and progress. Discover how to take the leap of action toward accomplishing your goals, as you…

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Cause of Pain

Finding the True Cause of Your Pain Symptoms


Pain & symptoms: What you see is what you get – How can you ‘see’ differently? Is the cause of your pain what appeared to be the cause when your pain began initially? Maybe, but maybe not…you may need to look beyond that moment to find out what’s really going on. BODYWISE Bodywork is here to help you find and deal with the reason for the pain you are experiencing in your body.

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Discover Life Purpose

How to Discover Your Life Purpose


Following the clues of the things you want to do and the things you want to avoid, can help you discover your life purpose. Also discover how your environment plays can play a part in understanding your purpose and how disease could be an indication that you’re not following your life purpose.

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Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water – Why Is It Important?


Are you drinking enough water? If you are, that’s great, but is it enough healthy water?

Welcome to Tip Tuesday, and further discussion on drinking healthier water. Today we’re talking about why it’s important to drink water that is alkaline infused, and where you can get it.

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Free Radicals

Free Radicals: What exactly do they do?


We’ve all heard the fight against free radicals… you don’t want them!

First of all, what are free radicals, what do they do, and how in the world do I get rid of them?

Find the answers to these and other questions….

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Free radicals are those pesky things that pop up in the news when nutritionists read text books or  scientific research and decide to create a diet protocol so you have less of them.   Because, you should know that free radicals are bad for you.  Having all those free radicals floating freely around your body is just UNHEALTHY.  And of course, in the same discussion is the antioxidant you must have more of in order to rid your body of the free-loaders!  The truth about free radicals can be found in the video.  And as a matter of fact, far too often the suggested solution for free radicals creates MORE of those darned free radicals!  
What’s a person to do?  Stay informed on the issues and find out what’s really going on…
By the way, the best antioxidents come from really good food (not food from a box, unfortunate news for most) and the nutrients that come with good food like vitamins A, C, E, along with the minerals zinc, selenium, and manganese, to name a few.
Free radicals occur as a natural by product of metabolizing.  But without sufficient vitamins and minerals, they don’t transition back into stable molecules.  Stay healthy and stay informed :>

Sand in Your Water

Tip Tuesday – 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Sand with Your Water


Sand is in my water this week!

Known as diatomaceous earth (DE), it is an incredible substance.  Make sure you look for food grade DE and introduce it to your system in small amounts to avoid having a Herxheimer Reaction!!

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Baking Soda Uses

Tip Tuesday – Uses for Baking Soda


Today’s tip is about something that we all have in our homes…baking soda (bicarbonate) We’re going to talk about the top ten reasons to ingest/use Baking Soda. This is another great idea to charge up your water. Do you have any unusual uses?

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Supercharged Water

Tip Tuesday – How to Supercharge Your Water


Today’s tip is going to surprise you a bit, I’m excited to share about supercharged water with you, and I think it will be a winner!

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Drink Water

Tip Tuesday – Drink Water

drinkwater-bodywisebodyworkAlong with my Friday Live video series, I will also be offering Tip Tuesdays. The tip for this Tuesday I’ll discuss the first of the three most important and simple things you should do every morning to help you live your best life.

It’s all about water and why you should drink a glass first thing every morning.

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