Your Original Strength Returned to You

There is a strength we developed when we first learned to sit up.  It was a progressive strength and we learned to stand then to walk.  This is our Original Strength.  It was balanced.  It was continuous.  It was freedom and independence.


Freedom in Strength

 We learned  to MOVE our bodies in different ways and it kept our muscles supple, our bones strong, and our joints healthy.  

We can return to this kind of movement.  When we return to our original balanced strength we feel more confident and inspired to keep going.  This inspiration can become a part of every aspect of your life.  This is true integration.  This is whole body integration.

Be inspired again.  

We become limited without realizing it!  When you are inspired, when you are strong, when you are confident, THERE ARE NO LIMITS.

Do you need help losing weight?  Body Integration shows you how to use more muscle which burns more calories… Do you need to get rid of knee pain, hip pain, or back pain?  Body Integration aligns your body so it can heal itself and get rid of chronic patterns that create painful symptoms.

Join us for Body Integration and rediscover your original balanced strength Mondays and Thursdays beginning October 10, 2016 for 3 weeks.  Choose the time that works best for you:  10 am or 3 pm.  Optionally, you may attend just Monday nights once weekly 6:00 to 7:30pm.

You’ll learn,

Confidence inspired movement

Confidence inspired movement

  Simple ways to stay in your best shape
  What *You* need to be balanced and feel strong
  How ‘sitting’ alone changes your body
  What to do to move you forward

How long have you made promises to yourself only to find you’ve not followed through?  How often have you sought help, found it, and then doubted your decision?

Make a different choice this time!!

Can’t wait to see you in class…  

BODY INTEGRATION – Original Balanced Strength