Choose LESS this Holiday

What if your holiday was less CRAZY?  less OVERWHELMED?  less emotionally TRIGGERED?


What if this season could be absolutely Wonderful in every way and you felt

more connected
more calm
more loved
more appreciated

Bringing the benefits of personal resilience and inner strength to the work of resolving chronic pain, you can bridge the gap between what you ‘think’ and what you ‘know’.

Welcome to your resource for ending hectic overwhelming chaos and ensuring you can have, maybe for the first time, a

Heart-full Holiday 

Watch these videos, download the resources, and receive new post notifications via email.   See how simple it is to turn your life around and finally BE who you truly are.  It’s a simple process and all you do is Add Heart!!

Feel free to check out the infographic overview of our journey…


Video 1 – Heart vs Head:  Which is Stronger?





                                                                         Video 2 – Thinking is Clever 







Video 3 – Heart Rhythm  





Video 4 – Synchronize  






Video 5 – Create Pause