Holiday Cheer


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It’s the holidays.   And speaking of holiday cheer, I’ve been particularly, and amazingly, cheerful recently.  I discovered the reasons why, which are not entirely surprising!

According to Psych Central, research has demonstrated the positive effect on [one’s] happiness as social interaction and taking part in voluntary work.  I get a 2 out of 2 working with Sue Moore.

1)  Sue has become a strong business partner and has invited me to join her Medicine and Horsemanship program.  Through her amazing coaching skills and positive perspective, she has earned herself a place in my business and in my heart – fulfilling social interaction, too.

2)  Through Sue, I found a not for profit, Empowerment Through Connection (  ETC is dedicated to providing education, improving communication skills, and promoting personal growth using horses as co-facilitators.  Volunteering for ETC is an incredible experience!

Being with horses on a regular basis,  learning the ins and outs of running a stable, as well as providing bodywork services has given me the opportunity to find my source of happiness.

I urge you to increase *your* happiness this season – try volunteering or make a donation!  The pay-out is exponential!

Wishing you a Happy holidays!

(To find out about opportunities at ETC or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit their website or contact Sue Moore 425.328.7107)