Exercise and Movement

Are you thinking about starting to exercise?  Want to lose weight?  Maybe you feel stiff?  Are you surprised by your own reflection?

We show you how to make the changes you want in your health.

Research shows that exercise alone does not combat the effects of our current lifestyle habits that contribute to eventual heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  It is vital to integrate regular movement into your everyday living.

However, every body has patterns, whether it’s slumped or upright shoulders, forward head or tucked chin, locked knees or turned out feet.  Regular movement can address the tensions that build up – if there is tension, there may also be ‘weakness’ that contributes to pain, discomfort, or lack of mobility.  Taking these same patterns into your ‘exercise’ only reinforces them which my have a negative impact on your health.

When you exercise with chronic tensions (poor position or ‘accommodators’) you strengthen those same patterns – and prime yourself for injury.

BODYWISE rebalances your position so you get stronger with better patterns of movement.

Do you already have an exercise routine?  Great!  You may have a trainer who is a stickler for ‘form’ and it’s true, trainers know how to exercise correctly.  What most trainers don’t understand is that body’s don’t automatically have good position at the start of an exercise, and that’s an assumption *you* can’t afford.

BODYWISE restorative exercise and movement puts you in alignment; this recalibrates your whole body.  And from this good position, you strengthen good postural patterns and continue to move freely and with ease.

It is said that a lifestyle of exercise is essential to maintain health.  Know that it must be the ‘right’ exercise – movement that arises from a place of balance and good position.

Imagine every movement you make being a mini-exercise keeping you healthy, keeping you strong, keeping you moving!

BODYWISE Exercise reinforces all the good body patterns that keep you healthier longer and moving stronger.

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