Heart Coherence

We’ve all heard of IQ:  The Intelligence Quotient.  It is measured and tested and scored and your results are compared with countless others.  We even have developed methods to improve it!  IQ is defined as a number used to express the apparent relative intelligence of a person based on the results of standardized testing.

Well, now there is something called EQ:  Emotional Quotient.  According to wikihowdotcom, EQ is the ability to tap into your emotions and use them to make your life better.  Not a number.  Not standardized.  Improves your life. 

Very different, indeed.  So if EQ isn’t measured how does one know if you’ve got a high one and how is it improved?

Practicing Coherence.  It is the uniting of or forming a whole.

When you experience negative feelings, it is easily understood that you are out of coherence.  When you are stressed, you experience a disconnect, incoherence.

It is possible to transform your life from one of stressed, negativity, and chaos to one of inner balance, knowing, be-ing.  There can be more flow between appointments, more time to go places,  more connection with those closest to you.

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