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Whats In a Resolution

What’s In A Resolution?

Welcome to Friday Live!  Let’s continue with the discussion on the acronym W.H.A.T.S. to move you toward your best possible 2017. Today we reveal the letter “T” and how important this is for guaranteed success.  I hope you enjoy this live video meant to inspire you to have a great year.  For your copy of the Resolution-ize 2017 Personal Plan, find it on the homepage!

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Resolution-ize 2017

Resolution-ize 2017 – Make Your Goals Stick!

Making resolutions is a 4000 year old tradition that began with the Babylonians.  Most people have stopped!  The majority of those who do make resolutions, cast them aside by mid January.  Discover how to ensure your goals become your reality when you listen to Part 1 of this Ready, Set, GO-als!  video…

Go Rogue in 2017

A reprint from Original Strength Posted: 02 Jan 2017 04:00 AM PST

“What will you become?” This has to be one of the most famous quotes from the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. And the funny thing is, it wasn’t even in the movie. It was, however, in every movie trailer released for Rogue One. In the trailers, this quote, and the scene it appears in, build wonderful anticipation of what is going to happen in the movie. It looks epic! In the movie, well, it didn’t make the final cut. Somewhere along the way, this scene was not good enough to make the final product. Which is a shame, because it was certainly good enough to sale the movie and build excitement. How could it not add to the movie? Right?

Sometimes things just don’t add up the way we think they should. Sometimes our own best efforts come up short and we just don’t make the cut. This can happen anywhere in life; with a sport tryout, a job interview, a romantic interest, a product we’ve created, an article we’ve written, or whatever. Sometimes we just fall short. And, like the quote referenced above, sometimes we are good enough for the minors, but we just don’t have what it takes for the majors – in someone’s eyes…

Has this happened to you? If it hasn’t, it will. So, what do you do when you miss the mark in someone else’s eyes? Do you accept their opinion or believe what they say? Or, do you reject their judgement and use it as a springboard for greatness?

You see, we have but a couple of choices when we come up short with others. We can take what they say and maybe settle for something we don’t want to have or settle for something we don’t want to believe; though we will, because after all, “I didn’t make the team.” Or, we can say “No. I’m going to achieve, xyz,” or, “I hear what you are saying, but I have something inside of me that I’m not willing to let go of. I believe in my ability to do this….”

How we face disappointment will determine our future. Disappointment can be a blessing if we learn to rise from it, and it can be a death sentence if we learn to accept it. For example, Michael Jordan was rejected and cut from the middle school basketball team. Yet, he became arguably the best basketball player to ever set foot on a court. Heck, he created Nike! Well, he certainly built Nike.

Look at Tom Brady. Most NFL teams didn’t want him – at all! He was not an impressive athlete. He was “too slow.” He was passed up by most teams, but good enough for one team to make the backup position. Yet Tom believed he was good enough. And Tom had a work ethic like no one else in the league. Today, he is sure to go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.

What if these two guys had said, “Ok, I’m not good enough.” That would have been a tragic loss – for everyone.

2017 is here. You will face ups and downs, highs and lows. You will come across disappointments and disappointments will hunt you down. And when they do, you will have some tough choices to make. And the biggest choice, or the biggest question you must answer is, “What will you become?”

Don’t settle for what others think you to be. If you have something to give the world, if you know you have something to achieve or someone to become, keep your head up, your eyes on the horizon and keep moving towards your mark. Learn to use your disappointments as RESETs, not “game overs.” Go rogue. Give the world your greatness. Even if the world thinks you can’t.

Happy New Year!

Disease and Wholeness

There are many forces in the world that can not be controlled – wind, water, earth, fire, gravity. Nature can not be controlled.  While many things, large and small, catastrophic and calm, are happening all over the globe at the same time, it is still One earth.  One planet.  One energy.

I’m sure you’ve heard ‘Disease is a state of dis-ease’. The prefix ‘dis’ means a reversing force. Much of what we do, what we eat, and even what we think is the reverse of health, pushing us away from the wholeness of being we are meant to live.

In today’s video, you’ll learn

How to Live in a State of Wholeness

WE are THEY: Love heals Soul, Movement heals Body

This post, Hello Neighbor is a reprint and appeared first on Original Strength.

Posted: 14 Nov 2016 04:00 AM PST

We live in an interesting time. I guess truly every generation does and believes they do, but lately this world has become very interesting. Perhaps you are acutely aware that we’ve just had an election here in the US. Perhaps you are very disappointed with the results. Perhaps you are elated by them. If you watch the news, or even if you only watch social media, the theme is US versus THEM. WE are right. THEY are wrong. WE fight for equality. THEY fight for fear.

Here is the thing; WE are THEY and THEY are WE. Sometimes things don’t workout the way we think they should. Sometimes things go horribly wrong. Sometimes things are complicated, messy, unattractive, unfortunate, or whatever. Sometimes we don’t agree with our neighbors. Sometimes we don’t understand our neighbors. Sometimes we may even esteem our neighbors as crazy. But they are our neighbors.

Our country is hurting. We are a collection of the offended, hurt, angry, self-righteous, religious, non-religious, opinionated, educated, non-educated, white, black, tan, yellow, cream, pale, dark, right-winged, left-winged, straight, gay, abrasive, passive, know it alls, know nothings, conservatives, liberals, fear mongers, haters, lovers, the USes and the THOSE PEOPLEs. We’re just a mess. One big divided mess of neighbors.

But that is the thing. We are neighbors. At least we are supposed to be. I certainly don’t mean to trivialize anything going on in our country, or our world. We do have our issues – no doubt. But at the end of the day, at the start of the day, throughout the entire day we are supposed to be neighbors.

I don’t have all the answers to all the issues we have as a country. But I do have ONE answer: Love – real love. Not “love” in word, but love in deed. Love in action. Love that allows us to look through a lens of compassion and understanding. Love that allows us to listen and ponder. Love that allows us to see outside of ourselves to a bigger picture. Love that allows us to be neighbors. WE are THEY, THEY are WE. If we maintain the stance that is is US against THEM, Republicans against Democrats, or even “Love” against Hate, we lose and we will ultimately fail and fall as a country.

Yes, things do need to change, but change born through empathy, compassion and understanding is going to be a far greater, impactful change, than a change born through rigid division of opinion. Again, I don’t have the answers, I just have the answer. We need to love our neighbors. We need to see people with hopes, dreams, families, ideas, and perspectives. We don’t need to agree with each other, but we do need to SEE each other.

Beautiful art is made beautiful by all the differences it contains. Colors, shapes, textures, shadows – the differences make the beauty. Look above at all the differences I listed and add the ones i didn’t. It is our differences that should make us beautiful, and they can – If we learn to love.

I know Love is a fairy tale. And what I’ve written is a childish utopian thought in a real adult’s world. But I also know Love does heal the soul just like movement does heal the body. Love is a movement. It is the only movement that will carry us forward and heal us. It might be a childish idea, but children seem to be able to see things without prejudice. Until they are taught differently, they generally see things through a lens of love, light and hope. We would do so well to return to that way of seeing and being. After all, we are neighbors.

Emotion – Good or Bad?

Friday Live – Emotion is a Bad Word


Emotions are at the foundation of how we think, and therefore how we act.  Our actions in turn create all the results that we get in our lives.

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Drink Water

Tip Tuesday – Drink Water

drinkwater-bodywisebodyworkAlong with my Friday Live video series, I will also be offering Tip Tuesdays. The tip for this Tuesday I’ll discuss the first of the three most important and simple things you should do every morning to help you live your best life.

It’s all about water and why you should drink a glass first thing every morning.

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