Not all Bodywork is the same

Do you find yourself living in pain?  Having trouble sitting up straight?  Can you get out of chairs easily?  How about standing for long periods of time – can you do it comfortably?

Whatever the case, we can help you where other treatments may have failed.  BODYWISE specializes in providing therapy that will get you better – not just feeling better but resolving pain and getting you moving again.

Poor posture and physical misalignment is the primary cause of imbalances in the bodies structure.  Moving the body with these sub-optimal patterns reinforces, and even strengthens, bad positions and contributes to muscle immobility, joint pain, and frequency of injury.

Corrective alignment and Integration Therapy (CaIT),  is bodywork that transforms body patterns and reestablishes your good posture using techniques such as Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and Trigger Point Therapy.    With a ‘body-engineering’ perspective, CaIT provides a new foundation from which the body can maneuver within it’s surroundings on a daily bases.

CaIT clients are surprised that bodywork can make such an astounding impact – not only do they look and feel more vibrant, clients move easily and improve their quality of living exponentially.

Move your body, Free your mind, Elevate your spirit  and do the things you want completely pain-free…

Noone’s life should be restricted because of their body’s limitations – especially yours!  Schedule a free consultation today!