Happiness and Relationships

Friendships and close relationships begin to transform when you shift to a happier state of living. As you change and embrace a life of profound happiness, you can't help but notice more and more just who isn't happy, and how your happiness affects your relationships. Discover the effects of happiness on those around you as you View my Monday Live Video...

Delayed Happiness

Is There a Reason to Delay Happiness? Is delayed happiness like or unlike the marshmallow experiment? Do you actually have the ability to delay your happiness? Should you? Why would you put off being happy until later, when you could be happy now?

Source of Happiness

Underneath the feeling of Happiness lies something greater... There is a source of Happiness, just as there is a source of the water that flows down the river - how far back can you trace your source? Therein lies true Happiness! What is your potential for happiness?

Finding Happiness

What is the source of your happiness? Happiness has life long benefits...How can you stimulate happiness for every cell in your body? Find out in my Monday live video.