Happiness Hack

Everyone is talking about "hacks" these days, home hacks, cooking hacks, life hacks...but what does it mean? Unlike the hackers who cause mayhem on your computer, these are good hacks, they are ways and things that make life easier. Well, today, on my video, I'm going to talk about the happiness hack.

Desperate Happiness

Is desperation for happiness causing you to set yourself up for unhappiness? If so, you're letting your thoughts control you and your life. Attaching your happiness to things or life events, keeps happiness just out of your reach and results in a fleeting, temporary experience, and you find yourself back to square one...make happiness a regular occurrence with this tip from from my Friday live video...

Happiness and Vinegar Connection

Happiness is like a glass of refreshing, cool, thirst-quenching water....and vinegar? Even in small amounts, vinegar completely taints the entire glass. What is the vinegar in your life, tainting your happiness? Discover how it all comes down to how full you have filled your glass, as you watch my Wisdom Wednesday video.

Trigger Happiness

The triggers in your life are a direct reflection of your NEED - and it's only ever 1 of each of the 3 fundamental human needs: Which one(s) is driving your behavior? And how can you make the shift to only Trigger Happy rather than trigger unhappy, or angry, or frustrated, or jealous, or depressed?

Beliefs and Happiness

Beliefs are given to us when we are young and impressionable - whether or not we keep those beliefs is our choice as adults...Do the beliefs from your childhood serve you as an adult? You have changed since you were a youth, have your beliefs? Discover how some of your beliefs can undermine your happiness and what you can do about it,

Happiness and Relationships

Friendships and close relationships begin to transform when you shift to a happier state of living. As you change and embrace a life of profound happiness, you can't help but notice more and more just who isn't happy, and how your happiness affects your relationships. Discover the effects of happiness on those around you as you View my Monday Live Video...