Eyes and Exercise

It's amazing the impact the eyes have on all facets of your life...believe it or not, using your eyes will improve exercise...learn how in my Wednesday Wisdom video

My Wisdom Wednesday Video

Choose Your Life

You Have the Ability to Choose Your Life... What you see is what you ... forget? Choose the way you live your life and create your own reality, learn how with today's... Friday Live Video

Movement is an Expression

You were made to move. That is now a given. But movement is not just a physical action; it’s not just moving your limbs or moving from one place to the other. Movement is expression. How you move is an expression of how you are.

Choose What You Perceive

What you see is how you perceive...and you can choose what you per-SEE-ve! It's all about focus. Have you ever heard the Gorilla Experiment? Enjoy hearing about the unseen gorilla in my Wisdom Wednesday Video

Live Love

Do you enjoy Valentine's Day or is it a day that makes you uncomfortable and you don't really like it at all? Discover how you can live the feelings of profound love everyday, not just on Valentine's day. Welcome to Wednesday Wisdom Day, where you will be able to find the answers to this and many other questions...

Whats In a Resolution

What’s In A Resolution?

Welcome to Friday Live!  Let’s continue with the discussion on the acronym W.H.A.T.S. to move you toward your best possible 2017. Today we reveal the letter “T” and how important this is for guaranteed success.  I hope you enjoy this live video

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Resolution Progress

Focusing on our New Year's Goals acronym W.H.A.T.S., let's talk about the letter A....action! This is what separates successful and unsuccessful, discover how to take the action leap toward accomplishing your goals, as you...