The 3 Tenets

The body has the ability to heal itself

This is an amazing gift that we all take for granted.  Think about it – when you cut your finger, do you have to focus on clotting that blood?  Do you force the skin to create scar tissue to restore it?  It does so automatically and with no conscious effort!

That’s not only true for scrapes but it’s true for everything concerning our body.  In fact, if you have a condition that your body is struggling to heal from, then it doesn’t have the tools necessary to overcome it and be whole.

Any pain or disease is due to an imbalance

A broken ankle results in swelling and pain, a sign that it moved too far out of it’s normal range of motion; a diabetic has difficulty balancing blood sugar; depression may be due to high cortisol levels from prolonged stress; and on, and on.  Any symptom of pain, discomfort, or disease is merely due to an imbalance that requires the right solution.

Identify the cause and the symptoms resolve

All too often, medical professionals are not able to pinpoint an actual cause so they change the symptom.  If a person with a broken ankle is only given a pain killer, that’s not addressing the actual cause of the pain – the problem does not go away and eventually the medicine won’t work or results in more complications (walking on a compromised structure will cause more damage to the surrounding tissues).

BODYWISE specializes in discovering the cause of symptoms so that the body can heal itself.  Clients feel better, move better, and live better.