BODYWISE Bodywork specializes in combining massage and exercise therapy.

For every muscle that performs an action, there is an opposing muscle(s) that does the opposite action – you can bend your arm and you can straighten your arm.  Massage therapy releases tense and contracted muscles.  What about the other set of muscles?  If one set is chronically tight, the opposite must be unengaged and, over time, they can lose the strength or stamina necessary to function properly.

Exercise therapy stimulates weakened musculature and rebalances the entire structure.

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There is hope…

Countless people live pain-free and maintain a healthy body weight after other professionals gave up on them.  Working with me, clients learn exactly why they are in pain and the secrets behind maintaining health.  You can get all the information and tips to ensure that you heal and stay healthy. You will have your needs addressed and all your questions answered.

You can live your life exactly the way it was meant to be; the way you want it to be.

Serious about feeling like a whole vibrant person? Ready to make the necessary change? Need answers that no one else has given you?

I urge you – don’t delay your health any longer!

The Philosophy

Our bodies have their own ability to heal and be whole.  Anyone, at any age, can begin the process of removing the impediments to natural healing.

The Goal

Due to life situation and circumstance, we have become disconnected from our minds, bodies, emotions, and essentially, our truest selves. BODYWISE Bodywork reintegrates the separate parts, providing a foundation for exceptional health and well-being.