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People Sit

IMG_1567There is no denying it – we live in a ‘sitting’ society. With so many chair styles, from straight backed to saddle to ergonomic, it’s hard to choose the one that’s best for you. Do you need lumbar support or mid-spine support? Is your neck bothering you or do your feet dangle?

So many different chairs to to sit in, yet each body can illustrate poor posture in any number of combinations.  Most notably, the forward head position in relation to the spine and ribs is cause for concern whether the chair is hardback or ergonomic.

What you don’t know *can* hurt you. No matter what type of chair you choose to sit in your muscle strength (or weakness) ultimately dictates your body alignment. And it’s your alignment, not the chair, that determines symptoms:  Whether you feel ease or pain, both are ‘posture’ based.

Discover your sitting patterns. Learn how to sit better and what constitutes a good sit (versus a bad sit) in the 21 Day Static Movement Event beginning January 6.

“But let us sit and be merry.”
The Country Wife, 1675 William Wycherley

BODYWISE’s Corrective Alignment and Integration Therapy (CaIT) is body mechanics and physical engineering rolled into one beautiful package to better your life.

Don’t let your body decline, and don’t blame it on ‘aging’ – our bodies were meant to move well our entire lives! If you’re not convinced, take advantage of  6 Days of Merry to Move You, go to to see the Day 6 offer.

Life Moves

IMG_9540Life Moves:  Breathing, metabolizing, circulating, even thinking, is movement.  There is beneficial movement and movement that doesn’t serve you (causes pain).

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you and a necessary part of a healthy life, but what ‘kind’ of exercise and how often?

When kids learned to walk, they wiggled, wobbled and fell, got up, wiggled, wobbled and fell, and got up again.  The beauty of their efforts was in finding the place of balance.  At this point you’ve been balancing your body around injuries, experiences, and habitual patterns.

Get your wiggle back and strengthen that body around a balanced pattern.

YOUR body is designed to move, and move well it’s entire life!

BODYWISE is offering 3 months of twice weekly movement to keep you living well for the remainder of your life!  Starting with a detailed BodyMap, you’ll discover where you’re strong and what specifically needs work.  You’ll learn the movements that rebalance your body and keep you healthy.


6 Days of Merry will Move You

A study performed last year linked physical INactivity to more than 5 million deaths. That’s more than death by smoking. One out of every 10 deaths is due to a person lacking physical activity. And here I sit at my computer writing about this to you.  Guess what?  It’s easy to move!  If you’re having trouble with it, BODYWISE specializes in getting clients moving again. Aging is NOT a foregone and decided conclusion of inactivity and physical demise.

I’m getting up. I’m going outside. I make every action that I DO, a mini workout of it’s own.

To MOVE YOU, I’m offering 6 Days of Merry to Move You specials every day from now until January 1.

Join BODYWISE in making 2015 the year that will MOVE YOU.

Holiday Cheer


BannerHorses   Dawn-Horse

It’s the holidays.   And speaking of holiday cheer, I’ve been particularly, and amazingly, cheerful recently.  I discovered the reasons why, which are not entirely surprising!

According to Psych Central, research has demonstrated the positive effect on [one’s] happiness as social interaction and taking part in voluntary work.  I get a 2 out of 2 working with Sue Moore.

1)  Sue has become a strong business partner and has invited me to join her Medicine and Horsemanship program.  Through her amazing coaching skills and positive perspective, she has earned herself a place in my business and in my heart – fulfilling social interaction, too.

2)  Through Sue, I found a not for profit, Empowerment Through Connection (  ETC is dedicated to providing education, improving communication skills, and promoting personal growth using horses as co-facilitators.  Volunteering for ETC is an incredible experience!

Being with horses on a regular basis,  learning the ins and outs of running a stable, as well as providing bodywork services has given me the opportunity to find my source of happiness.

I urge you to increase *your* happiness this season – try volunteering or make a donation!  The pay-out is exponential!

Wishing you a Happy holidays!

(To find out about opportunities at ETC or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit their website or contact Sue Moore 425.328.7107)